Some new products and an update on upcoming shows

3 Gen Pens stays committed to the health and well-being of our customers and our communities. Being a family owned business this is upmost in our minds. We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19). We do remain positive and hopeful concerning a swift end to this situation.

With that in mind we have suspended all of the shows until there is a resolution to the current situation. We continue to grow the business through word of mouth and your help is greatly appreciated. We have had quite a challenge keeping up with the website as inventories are moving quite rapidly but we will do our best to keep the items in stock that you want. As always if you see something you want and its not available just email us and we will be glad to create another unique piece of art.

Keep your family safe and we will let you know when the next show is scheduled. 

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