Spending more time in the shop

Well the benefits of being stuck at home is that's where the shop is. So been spending quite a bit more time coming up with new ideas and creating unique pens. One good thing about owning your own pen is that you know where its been. Using any of the other businesses loaner pens these days can add to your exposure. One of the advantages my family has is the availability of quite a few interesting pens. 

Some additional updates:
Laser is in full swing now and going to add it to the list of services shortly. Still experimenting to get the best results. I also just added a site wide 5% discount to help with keeping the prices down. 

We just completed out Q1 donation to help end Domestic Violence by sending some of the proceeds from the sales to Sunrise Inc. They do a lot to help and add support to those who need it. Check them out and feel free to support them as you can.

Stay well and let us know if there is anything you need.
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