Handmade Artisan Rings

For the new year we have available handcrafted rings in both men and womens sizes. These rings come in a variety of colors of Opals and also Turquoise, Abalone shell and a few other precious gemstones. We offer stainless steel, tungsten, titanium and ring cores made of ceramic that will be the center of attention. These rings are all one of a kind and handmade by us one at a time.

Some common questions we are asked about the rings:

Do you make these or buy for resale?

  • All of the items we sell are made by us, in the shop. Only exceptions are the boxes we offer and include with purchases. 

What are the rings made out of? 

  • We have rings with stainless steel, tungsten, titanium and most recently ceramics. We offer full sizes with half size upon request.

What do we use for our inlay material?

We have a variety of different colors of cultured Opals, turquoise, Mother of Pearl and several other gemstones based on availability. There are a few synthetic materials that are used to enhance the color but used very sparingly. 

Do we offer wood rings? 
  • Not quite yet. We will continue to have the wood rings with stainless steel cores as it adds to the durability. I don’t want a ring only made out of wood break apart or crack based on use. We will send out a notice when these will be available.


Here are a few of the rings and stones that are available.