Pen prices, supply chain issues and inflation


I know it’s been a while but I wanted to touch base with you on how 3 Gen Pen Company is handling the current pricing environment. To get to the bottom line quickly… yes our material and supplier prices have increased. Yes we do experience some delays due to the supply chain as the raw materials and parts we use have also been impacted from the manufacturers. 

As we have seen with just about everything we use in our business and personal lives has been affected with increased pricing we did some preparation some time ago to help hedge any major increase in our pricing to you. We stand behind what we sell and took it upon ourselves to increase our stock on some of the exotic woods and kits we use in our pens. One thing that we did not count on, but very happy it happened, was our amazing sales this last holiday season. We also continue to sell off the website and very thankful to those of you who continue to have faith in us and our products.

At this time I do not see the urgent need to increase our prices but with the continued increase’s in our raw materials costs it may have to be done at some time in the future. Again many thanks for your support and hope to see you at the next art/craft show.


Tim Wiley
3 Gen Pen Company LLC

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