It’s more than wood....

One of the questions we are asked quite frequently is about what our pens are made of. To make the answer short, the materials are either wood or non-wood. Wood is available from around the world and comes in every shade of the rainbow. Purple Heart, Cocobolo, mahogany and others too numerous to detail here. There are several online catalogs of wood and please feel free to find one and see what variations exist in nature. We started making pens out of wood many years ago and offer them today. If you don’t see what you are looking for just ask. We can probably get it for you.

Non-wood comes in a few less options and is mainly made up of resins. These resins come in two parts and are mixed together and allowed to harden to form the blank. As these are mixed colors and things that sparkle can be added to the mixture to make these unique. These resins come in several varieties depending on what you are trying to do, working times, thickness needed and curing times. Epoxy, Alumilite Urethane and some polyester compounds are used. To further enhance these creations things can be put in the mixture or affixed around the brass tube, such as clock parts or even lego pieces. The ideas are only limited by the imagination of the artist creating the art.

One of the other items can be shown in our American Flag bolt action pens. This is done through the application of a label on the  pen tube and then the tube is cast in a clear resin and left to harden. Due to the magnification properties of the clear casting the end result is.... well take a look at the pens.

All of this is done by hand, manually in small batches... so no two batches nor any two blanks will be alike. This is what we love about this art whether it be wood or non-wood, everything is unique.

Hope that answers some questions. Feel free to send us a note or ping us on messenger.

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