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Wrist Watch Part Jewelry - Ovals :blue turtle

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Oval shaped

Dimensions: Oval: 3 cm wide x 5 cm tall (including the bail)

Description: Our oval pendants exude a refined sophistication, making a graceful statement.

.3 Gen Pen Company is pleased to offer these unique collectibles by Once Upon A Time Once Upon A Time - Up recycled Jewelry & Accessories. Experience a whimsical journey through enchanted realms, where old becomes new and every piece tells a tale.

At the heart of our creations are our signature pendants, crafted with care and creativity. Each pendant is made from Nickel-Free Base Metal, ensuring both quality and comfort for our wearers. Our chains, meticulously selected, are forged from durable Stainless Steel, promising longevity and style that endures.

Quality Commitment

Our journey has led us to discover a jeweler's-grade resin that surpasses all others, ensuring not only beauty but also durability in every piece. This resin, a testament to our commitment to quality, enhances the allure of our creations, ensuring they remain as timeless as the stories that inspired them.

Embark on a journey through enchantment with Once Upon A Time Upcycled Jewelry & Accessories, where every piece is a portal to a world of magic and wonder. Join us as we weave dreams into reality, one pendant at a time.

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