Do you really make the pens?

Absolutely. We buy the kits or metal pieces from various suppliers so we can be sure to get the best that is offered. We take the metal kit parts, take a raw blank and turn it to detailed  specifications, finish the pen in a durable finish and mate the two together. We guarantee all of our products. We pour our own resin blanks and work with artist/craftsman to purchase some of the unique and colorful blanks we use in our pens. We choose to support the small businesses who care about the quality and stand behind their products. The "blanks" come in numerous materials and designs all unique and one of a kind. Even if they are from the same batch, no two are the same. All of the clock parts pens, seashore pens and fly fishing pens are hand made one at a time by the artist. We are proud to offer unique items from people we trust to make available for you.

From Your Friends at 3 Gen Pens

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