Let's talk about Trademarks and Licensing logo's for our products

We get many searches on the website for all kinds of products to do with football teams, baseball teams, movies, branches of the military and quite a variety of other items. In order to carry these items and advertise that we offer them we would need to buy a license or buy a finished product from a licensed vendor. I do see quite a few items with logo's on other sites but we prefer not to tempt fate and the consequences that producing unlicensed items would potentially bring. As a family business we do not have the resources to fight anything that may develop.

So we have chosen another path. We do have a few suppliers that do offer licensed items that we carry. We also have suppliers that offer pieces of history that we currently offer and will be expanding the options around the same time line. These include a variety of items made with embedded objects to include a variety of sports jerseys, theatrical costumes, parts of historic planes, ships and other military items and quite  few other categories. Our goal is to offer pieces of history and make these items available to the general public. 

Also for all of the college and pro teams we do offer our blanks in the school colors so feel free to ask. No logo's just some fantastic looking pens that you will be proud to show.

I hope that this clarifies some of the questions you may have and feel free to contact us for that special item. Thanks again for reading this and for your business.


Your friends at 3 Gen Pen Company


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