So what Time is it?

I just completed a couple of the watch parts pens and thought I would share what the effort is to create these beauties. As you know all of our items are handmade by either myself or my daughter and/or Grandson. This means that each of these watch parts are placed on the pen tube one at a time with my magnifying glasses and tweezers. Yep one piece at a time.


First the pen tube is covered in whatever my fancy is at the time... silver, gold or some with some colorful automotive paint. I then cut individual strips of copper and silver sheets and create a steam punk under design. I then take the watch dial and parts and put a slight bend in them to fit around the tubes. They are then cast in clear resin to create a block. It the sits to cure and is then turned on the lathe and polished to get the amazing pen you see in the pictures. No two are alike.

How long does it take to create? 

Good question and it depends. Roughly 3 days to do the pen and cast it and another 5-7 to let the resin cure. Then its turned and polished on the lathe which adds another couple of hours.

Also depending on what I use to cover the pen tube it could even be longer. No production line here.


I hope that was helpful... any questions just let me know

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