They cost WHAT?

Not all pens are created equal. In the case of pens, size does matter. In trying to have something that is comfortable for everyone we have multiple sizes. The next size up would be a midsize, and encompasses different styles within the group. These are a bit thicker and a bit heavier. However, they fit comfortably for both small and large hands. The Junior is the next size up. For those of us with child hands, these are not the most comfortable. However, due to their size and weight work very well for men and those whose hands cramp easily or even those that are arthritic. The last size we do is called Majestic. These are rather thick and make a large statement. We try to make the shape of all the pens to be ergonomic and comfortable.

With this said, the prices are a bit difficult to explain. I will try my best. In the beginning we tried to make them priced by size. However, many of the pens now are created by rare, historical, unique, one-of-a-kind, and often themed products. With that we customize with different metals from silver, gold, and gunmetal in most cases. We also have the possibility to use antique pewter, antique brass, and even a higher grade of gold. So... as you can see, the price is directly related to the time it takes to create the unique theme and the materials it contains. We take the time to do it right rather than have a production line or create multiples of the same product... which is almost impossible when we talk about variances in wood and other items used to create these works of art. 

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