What are "Pens For a Cause"? How do I get involved?

In starting this business we wanted to give back to some of the organizations that have touched our lives so we have created “Pens For A Cause”. The ones selected will receive a portion of the sale of that particular pen style. For example, for each Breast Cancer Awareness pen sold we will donate to the efforts to end Breast Cancer. We are still setting these charities up and will provide full details on the website so you know whats going on.

This is very important to us and a drop in the bucket but every bit helps. The current plans are to donate the funds on a quarterly basis so stay tuned. We will be limiting the amount of charities at this point but you never know. If there is a big demand in one area then we will consider expanding the list.

We will also honor sales programs or sales campaigns for any group for any pens on the site and will give a portion of those sales to that group. We want to make a difference... can you help?

Your friends at 3 Gen Pen Company

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